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Yes it was a hit for an English singer called Max Bygraves in the 1950's

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Q: Is there a song called gillygillyhorsenfellacastanellabogen by the sea?
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Is Sea of Monsters an iron maiden song?

Nope, but there's a song called "Sea Of Madness" from the Somewhere In Time album if that helps.

What is the theme song from ponyo called?

Ponyo on the cliff by the sea

What is the name of the song containing the phrase the waters in the sea were the coldest when you left me?

this song is called cold outside

What is the name of the song sung in the sea chase?

The song is a German folk song called Steh' Ich im Finster Mitternacht which is on Youtube

Was there a song called Ashby de la Zouch by the sea?

Yes It was a Music Hall song probably a skit on the fact that Ashby is as far from the sea as possible in England. The song was reintroduced in 1940 and was a popular hit.

What song's in that sea bond commercial?

The tune and general lyrics are of a song called "Bye Bye Love" by the Everley Brothers.

What was a ending song in The Little Mermaid?

in the little mermaid 1 it is called return to the sea

Did Matt monro sing a song called precious moments?

Yes, it was in the movie Sea wolves. 1980. Song is From Warsaw concerto.

When was Song of the Sea - film - created?

Song of the Sea - film - was created in 1952.

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Beyond the Sea - song - was created in 1946.

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Love Song - Luna Sea song - was created on 2000-11-08.

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