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no theres not but there is a sequel

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Q: Is there a movie to belle praters boy?
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Who is Belle Prater in Belle Praters boy by Ruth white?

Belle Prater is the Girl who disappers in the middle of the night and also she is Woodrow's Mother.

What is the climax of the story in belle praters boy?

buzz is gonna remind Gypsy about how her dad dies,she gets mad and cuts all of her hair off(in chapters before grandpa told gypsy that her dad told her mom "dont ever cut my Gypys hair")

Who was belle?

Belle is the Beauty in the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast"

When was La Belle et le Bad Boy created?

La Belle et le Bad Boy was created in 2001.

Old cartoon movie with a little boy and his St. Bernard?

The cartoon was Belle and Sebastian. It was on nickelodeon in 1984.

What genre is Belle Prater's Boy?


Who was Mr Collins in Belle Prater's Boy by Ruth White?

Mr. Collins is Gypsy and Woodrow's seventh grade teacher in Belle Prater's Boy.

What is belle's real name from the movie?

From what movie? Fool...

Belle was a character in what Disney movie?

Belle is the Disney princess from Beauty and the Beast.

Did Camilla Belle play in the movie Push?

Yes, Camilla Belle did play in the Movie "Push". She played as Kira Hollis.

What is beautys name in Beauty and the Beast?

Belle, in the Disney animated movie; however, "Belle" is the French word for "beauty."Belle. :)

Did Camilla Belle play in the movie The Invisible Circus?

Yes, Camilla Belle did play in the movie The Invisible Circus. She played as Phoebe.