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Originally Universal Studios was going to make Wicked into a movie but it was made into a musical instead. The musical is very different from the novel in order for it to be a family oriented show. A movie might be coming soon but that's only in rumors. Kristin Chenoweth did say that she will be playing G(a)linda in the Wicked movie! I hope there will be one!

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According to imdb (see the Related Link below) there is a movie called Something Wicked, starring Brittany Murphy, which was supposed to be released on August 25, 2011, but apparently never was.

According to imdb, there are also two short films called Something Wicked: an Australian one that was released in 1992, and a Japanese one that was released in 1999.

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There is a movie in production now with the working title in the UK called Wicked, but it is listed as being released sometime in 2008 under the title Nefarious.

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Q: Is there a movie called Something Wicked?
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No, Wicked will not be a movie in 2009. However, it will be in future years, possibly not until 2012. The screenwriters for the original play are waiting until the Broadway performances have passed its peak to release the movie. It is definite that Wicked will be a movie, it's only a matter of when. Wicked the movie is thought to be made and released by 2010 by Universal

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