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Nope, sorry I just read that book and loved it!

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Q: Is there a movie based on the book Coffeehouse Angel?
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Who is the author of coffeehouse angle?

The book Coffeehouse Angel was written by Suzanne Selfors.

What are events I can put in the rising action column of a plot diagram for the book Coffeehouse Angel?

In "Coffeehouse Angel," events for the rising action could include protagonist Katrina's discovery of the coffeehouse's magical gifts, her growing bond with the mysterious Malcolm, their quest to help the town with the magical coffee beans, and their escalating encounters with the antagonist trying to thwart their efforts.

Was the book and movie twilight both based on a dream Stephenie Meyers?

The book was based on a dream, and the movie was based on the book, so yes, the book and movie were based on one dream of Stephanie Meyers.

Is the book Inkheart by cornelia funke based on a movie?

No, but they did make a movie based on the book (The book came first).

What year was the film Black Angel released?

The film Black Angel was released way back in the year 1946. The full release date of the movie was August 2nd, 1946, and it is based off the book called the Black Angel by Cornell Woolrich.

What is the book the Inception movie is based on?

It's not based on a book.

Is there a movie based on the book Rules and what is the name of it?

There is no movie based on the book Rules by Cynthia Lord.

What grand idea does Matilda have to get more business at the coffeehouse in the book Fever 1793?

Matilda suggests offering free coffee to customers to attract more business to the coffeehouse.

What book is eclipse based on?

The movie, Eclipse, is based on the book, Eclipse.

Is Alpha and Omega based on a book?

No, because the book "Alpha and Omega" came out after the movie was released, which means that the book is based on the movie.

What is the name of the book that the movie Autumn Hearts is based on?

The movie is based on the book EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC by Mark Cohen

What book is the movie confessions of a shopaholic based on?

It is based on the book Confessions of a Shopaholic