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There is no formal "God Bless America" song etiquette as it is not our national anthem. It is merely a modern patriotic tune. Stand if you are asked, it shows respect. Taking your hat or cap off is not necessary. Placing your hand over your heart is not necessary.

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Q: Is there a god bless America song etiquette?
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God bless America facts?

God Bless America' is an American patriotic song. The song was written in the year of 1918 by composer, Irving Berlin.

Do the Boy Scouts of America still receive royalties from God Bless America song use?

Yes, through the God Bless America Foundation.

Can someone escort a person out of a stadium for refusing to stand during the God Bless America song?

No; "God Bless America" has no official standing.

Who receives the royalties from the song God Bless America?

The Boy Scouts of America.

What does the word her refer to in the song God Bless America?

America; countries are often referred to as "her."

Who popularized god bless America?

The song writer, Irving Berlin.

What was the song played as the players were coming out on the ice for tonight's Stanley cup game before God Bless America June 4th 2010?

God Bless America

Who was the US female singer best known for singing God Bless America?

Kate Smith made the song bless God Bless America famous with her singing.

Who sings the song God Bless America?

Celine Dion song God bless America she is the one that wrote it and has gotten more fame from it. i know because my dance studio did a lyrical dance to it! never wrong!!!

Who sung god bless America?

Kate Smith(becoming her signature song)

What song did members of congress sing to show unity?

god bless america

What is Americas favorite song?

"You belong with me" By Taylor swift "God Bless America"