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-No, but the manga continues the story. I suggest reading it if you haven't.

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Q: Is there a elfen lied episode 14?
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What episode in elfen lied did a puppy die?

#8 "The Beginning"

What is the duration of Elfen Lied?

The Elfen Lied television anime has a total of 13 episodes, with one additional OVA episode included in the DVD release of the series; it is numbered 10.5 in the series chronology.

What to type in on you tube to find elfen lied episode 6 part 1 English dubbed?

Try "elfen lied episode 6 part 1 english" or refer to the related link below .

Will there be a elfen lied game?

sorry but no there will NOT be an elfen lied game.

When was Elfen Lied created?

Elfen Lied was created on 2005-04-21.

Who is elfen in elfen lied?

Elfen is not the name of a character. "Elfen lied" translates from German to "Elf song." The main character's name is Nyu/Lucy.

Is elfen lied for children?

NOT AT ALL. Elfen Lied has a lot of female nudity and stuff, but more importantly, people get beheaded and torn apart in almost every episode. It's pretty gory, and not for kids at all.

Why are no more elfen lied episodes being made?

Well episode 13 or 14 is the last show the series is finished and i douht there are any more episodes comming out.

How old is nyuu from elfen lied?

Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied is about 18 years of age .

Will elfen lied ever be translated in English?

Elfen Lied has indeed been translated into English .

What is the bloodiest anime series?

Try Elfen Lied. It is very bloody but I wouldn't think it is the most. It is still amazing though.

Why is Elfen Lied so depressing?

Elfen Lied is depressing because so few of the characters persevere against their fate .