Is there a delay in live TV?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no there is not a delay in TV live i do not think so i think i am pretty right

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Q: Is there a delay in live TV?
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Is live tv censored?

Usually it is censored through a brief broadcast delay.

How do you fix the delay with your PS3 and Samsung plasma tv?

Your Samsung TV probably has a delay in Milliseconds. This delay will always be there, you might want to try HDMI if you haven't as it might be a little fasther then component. The delay of your Samsung TV should not be noticable.

Is WWE raw tv show live every week?

Yes. The WWE RAW TV Show is live every week on the USA Network. It airs at 8 PM EST every Monday. There may be a tape delay of a couple of minutes max but apart from that the show is live

What is the live television delay from Africa to England for the world cup?

One of the features of digital television is that each process adds a short delay to the signal. A local process such as the signal passing through a vision mixer will add just one or two frames of delay. Compressing the signal for transmission might result in as much as second. Decoding at the receiving end of a transmission will add a similar delay. If the signal is sent to another continent via a satellite, there will be a couple of seconds for the signal to reach the satellite and then return to the receiving base station. Conversion from one television standard to another will add four or five frames of delay. With a global event such as the world cup, there are numerous broadcasters handling the signals from a stadium. Each one will add their own processing and transmission delay as they pass it on to the next studio or distribution center. The final broadcast to viewers might add seconds for a satellite link. Decoding in the receiver can add another second. It is quite possible that the minimum delay could reach five to ten seconds but transmission networks often store the signal for a short period as a buffer in case of corrupted transmission. With each delay in the whole chain, a delay of thirty seconds or more might be built up from the live action to the time it is seen on a screen. So, for "live" it's better to translate it into "almost live".

What is the time lapse between any event and live tv broadcast eg Cricket?

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a live television broadcast now we have moved to digital broadcasting. In the days of analog television, a signal was captured, processed and broadcast without delays. The final delay was the time taken for signals to be sent over wires or radio links which happens at about the speed of light. In digital broadcasting, a complete frame or field is captured by a camera before being sent to a vision mixer (or switcher). The switcher typically delays the image by one or two frames while it is processed. Each device that handles the signal will normally store a frame, process it and send it on so adding another frame of delay. By the time the signal is ready for broadcast, it is compressed. The compression process can add several frames, perhaps up to 15 or 20 to the total delay. A television receiver will take a similar number of frames of delay to un-compress a signal and display it. Where analog and digital broadcasts are still used side by side, watching both side by side will show the compression and de-compression delay quite clearly with the digital television lagging behind the analog by a second or more. For remote events, links from one country to another add anything up to a second or two of delay in the signal as well. From the time the event happens to the time it is seen on a television screen at home, the total delay can be several seconds. Therefore, what you see as a live event can be 5 seconds out of date.

If Saturday Night Live is really live then how do they censor bad words?

It is not live on TV. they record it earlier in the day. they used to play it live but they made too many mistakes and said too many bad words so they played it later in the day when they cut out the mistakes and bad words. But they still call it Saturday Night Live. P.s: Even when broadcasts are "live", there is a 3-second delay to allow for the censor's "cut".

What is audio delay on the Bose 3-2-1?

It has 3 different delay settings from which you can choose. However, it can only delay - not advance. My problem is that when I set the TV sound to go through the Bose, the TV sound is delayed and I would like to advance it so the 2 are synced. Because it does not advance, it is of no help in this given example. If you needed the sound delayed slightly, it would be of benefit.

TV helps people with school news how?

it helps parents know if their children have a school delay or their is closed

Lg 42 lcd tv delay when powering on?

happens to mine also. sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes to turn on

How long is the television delay between event caught on camera and transmission receipt in my living room?

7 mins 7 mins

Why was there a delay in the DVD releases for seasons of the old TV show 'Fantasy Island' after Season 1?

Perhaps it did not make enough money on the sales.

Where do the Beaver's live?

They live in the tv.