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sorry,,,if im mistaken,,i know u want to find your IDEAL BOYFRIEND....its a company of the absolute boyfriend manga series made by yuu watase... lol...and its part of her offense meant bec. me finding my ideal boyfriend :D have a good day ahead

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Q: Is there a company called Kronos Heaven?
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Was kronos the same as Saturn?

Kronos was the Greek King of Heaven and Saturn is his Roman counterpart.

Why did kronos eat his kids?

Kronos ate his sons because he didnt trust them and thought they would take his crown away from him only heaven knows why.

What area is the titan kronos in charge of?

Kronos is the Titan father of Hestia (fire), Hera (heaven), Hades (death), Poseidon (sea), Demeter (earth), and Zeus. Kronos means "time", as the swallowing of his children was meant to represent his supremacy over their natures.

What is kronos's real name?

Kronos IS his real name. What are you looking for here? In Latin he was called Saturnus.

Why did luke listen to kronos if he knew not to?

Kronos messes with half-bloods minds, he put them under a so-called spell.

How many employees does Kronos Worldwide Inc have?

Kronos Worldwide Inc. is based in Dallas Texas. The company employs 2,450 people and is a producer of titanium dioxide pigments.

What was the name of kronos' father and what happened to him?

Kronos Farther was called Uranos and he was the sky. when he was the titans were born uranos imprisoned them to Tatarus. but Gaia (kronos mother) released kronos and kronos disemboweled uranos and out of his blood came the giants and the fury's. his seamen fell into the sea which created the sea foam and out of the sea foam came Aphrodite.

How did Zeus become the ruler of heaven?

Zeus became ruler once he defeated his father Kronos with the help of the titans and the rest of his family.

Who is taller kronos or Zeus?


Is kronos heaven lover shop real?

I haven't seen anything about it. :/ Haha Wish it did though! (But that's just the creepy fan girl in me talking.) Lol

Who is Percy jakson's grandfather?


Who is the son of kronos?

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are sons of Kronos. Kronos swallowed Poseidon and Hades, but Rhea hid Zeus from Kronos. Zeus later tricked Kronos into vomiting up Poseidon and Hades.