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This makes me sad. Just because a member or members of your band claim to be Christians, it doesn't make you a "Christian Band", just ask The Fray, Copeland, or Icon For Hire. They routinely deny being "Christian" bands despite their members being Christians. It's about purpose, and Christians should know that better than anybody.

Well, I am not sure if the actual band sings Christian songs, even though some of them seem like they have Christian Morals.

But, every member in the band is a Christian--so you could assume that they are a Christian band but i don't know if the songs are christian! they are great though!!

No they aren't a Christian Band because that label would limit their success, but they write some deeply meaning full lyrics. Check out "Represent". This should be the a Christian Anthem!

Will you Represent who you stand for?

ACTUALLY.....The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus IS a CHRISTIAN band. All of the members are Christian and so is their music. Even though they curse.

Not sure kgb it or Cha Cha it. (Cha Cha is free)

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Not if nobody checks out your iPod. I got Sum41 on my iPod. When people ask what I'm listening too, it's always Mastodon.

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No, he is even married.

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One of the songs Saul to Paul is very Christian, like so much so I have a hard time believing they cuss. Like, even if you weren't gonna be a "Christian band" at least keep your personal Christian morals. I know nothing about there testimonies or personal life, which should be out and open if you are doing the right thing and you shouldn't have to hide your testimony.

"When your lies crumble down, a new life she has found" makes perfect sense to any Christian but where is Jesus? God? the Holy Spirit? That's my struggle with so many Christian bands... write one good Christian song and everybody all over ya'.

Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs people. I would classify Relient K as a Christian band, Third Day, Newsboys because of their consistency. But as much as id like to go back to the emo phase, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is indeed, not a Christian band.

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Q: Is the red jumpsuit apparatus gay?
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