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Q: Is the ova prima foundation real?
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Is ova prima real?

Ova Prima is a complicated web hoax claiming to be a research foundation over 100 years old dedicated to the study of eggs.

How you defense if ova prima is fake?


Do you need to refrigerate prima Donna cheese?

Yes, you need to refrigerate Prima Donna cheese. But when you want to eat a piece, you have to take it out for approx. 30 minutes, for the real taste of Prima Donna cheese.

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Unfortunately, SCP Foundation is real. It's created on 19 January 2008. But but but, SCP foundation is NOT totally real. It's just a website where they create "creatures". They write information about them. SCP Foundation and their "creatures" can be found in a lot of Horror games or un-horror games.

What is ova called in English?


I have an old silver plate with a PRIMA H G stamp on the back is it real silver?

no, is older plat from Danmark

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prima gusto

What does prima mean in German?

"Prima" is Italian for "first," as in Prima Donna, the first lady, or star of the production. In German it is untranslated, "prima," and is slang for "great" or "super."

What is the foreign plural form of ova?

Ova is the plural form. The singular form is ovum.

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