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Harry Potter was written by J. K. Rowling; she is a woman.

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Q: Is the original author of Harry Potter a man?
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Who is more famous Harry Potter or Spider-Man?

Harry potter of course !

What is a yak-man in Harry Potter?

There is no such thing as a yakman in Harry Potter. In fact, I cannot think of anything you might be referring to. I have noticed that although a yakman is never mention in the books (as the original answerer correctly says) in the film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince an actor named Chris Wilson is listed as playing "Yak-Man - Daily Prophet (uncredited)" - so it seems we will have to wait until the film is realeased to find out the answer to this one

Who is more famous Spider-Man or Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is more famous than Spider Man, because there are loads of characters in there. as so in Spider Man. but i have quoted loads of people and most of them said Harry Potter is more famous.

Is Harry Potter is the bravest in the Harry Potter movie?

there are a lot of brave people in the series. Harry considers Snape as the "Bravest man I ever knew".

Did you get the idea that the Harry Potter story originated by a man?


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Who was the man who decided to publish harry Potter?

Bloomsbury Publishing first printed Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1997. It was renamed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the United States.

Who is the man in the cottage in Harry Potter 6?

There was Hagrid and Slughorn

Harry Potter word What is dtagahnnmeeh unscrambled?

the hanged man

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i personally think spider man stinks and harry potter is awesome but that is just my opinion and i may be the only person in the world who thinks so.

Who would more people know Spider-Man or Harry Potter?

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