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Chester Drawers is not the real name of any author. Not is it the pen name of any author. It is a play on the words chest of drawers. Another reputed non-author is Ivor Wynne D. Bottom who reputedly wrote a book called Bubbles in the Bath.

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Q: Is the name Chester Drawers a real name?
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Why do some people say chester drawers rather than chest of drawers?

I have never heard anyone pronounce this item of furniture as 'chester drawers'. You will have to ask the people who do it why they do it - only they will know!

What does Chester Drawers refer to?

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How do you say Chester draws in German?

Do you mean chest of drawers like a dresser? If this is what you mean, it's said like this: Kommode (kom-mode-a) Or "Chester draws" is said like this: Chester zieht

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