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Q: Is the movie frozen an example of allusion?
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What is an example of a movie allusion?

The movie Cleopatra is an allusion as well as other classics, like Frankenstein and more.

What is a historical allusion?

A historical allusion is a reference, usually in literature, to actual events of the past. For example, the popular movie Forrest Gump made several historical allusions to events such as the Vietnam war.

What is an example sentence for allusion?

He made an allusion to my college being less important than his.

Is this an example of an allusion This wonder of an elephant is very like a spear?

example ng metonymy tsaka allusion English 5

Example of historical allusion?

an historical allusion can be boycott or a person or his or her saying that is used today as an example

Aurora's bed is an example of what term?

an allusion...

Which sentence is the best example of allusion?


The reference to the captives of Philippi is an example of which of these literary terms point of view allusion antagonist paradox?

an allusion

What is a good example of a classical allusion?

An example of a classical allusion is referencing the "Achilles' heel," which alludes to the Greek myth of Achilles who was invulnerable except for his heel. This allusion is used to describe a vulnerable point or weakness in someone or something.

Aurora's bed is an example of what literary term?

an allusion...

What is Poseidon allusions?

In Greek mythology, Poseidon, the god of the sea, was Zeus's brother. An 'allusion' is a reference to something else. So, a poseidon allusion would be a reference, probably in a story or movie, to something about the sea or directly to Poseidon. For example, the 2006 movie called Poseidon was about an ocean liner named Poseidon meeting it's untimely demise - this is a direct allusion to Poseidon (the Greek god). Also, there is a scuba equipment manufacturer called Poseidon, Inc. Again, this is a direct Poseidon allusion.

Is frozen movie gay?

No, all the characters in the movie Frozen appear to be heterosexual.