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Yes. "Babe" is an 1995 Australian film, based in New South Wales, and tells the story of a pig who has dreams of becoming a sheep dog.

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Q: Is the movie babe an Australian movie?
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Was the movie Babe based in New Zealand?

No, it is an Australian film.

Name the Australian movie about a pig who wanted to become the sheepdog?

"Babe" is the Australian movie about a pig named Babe who is raised by sheepdogs and decides he wants to become a sheepdog himself.

What is the name of the 1995 Australian movie about a pig who wanted to be a sheepdog?


What kind of sheepdog is rex in the movie babe?

The dog who played Rex in the 1995 Australian film "Babe" is a Border Collie.

Babe is pig or goat?

Babe was a pig.

What was the character babe from the movie the same name?

Babe was a pig.

What kind of animal was the character Babe from the movie Babe?

A pig

In the movie babe what kind of farm dose babe live on?

Babe lives in a sheep farm.

Is the movie Rango an Australian movie?

i am not sure that is Australian i think it is Australian

In the 1995 film what type of animal was Babe?

"Babe" is a pig who was raised by sheep herding dogs.

Who is maa in the movie babe?

Maa was the Border Leicester ewe that Babe became friends with. She is killed by dogs towards the middle of the movie.

Which movie character is not a dog?