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no the miz dosent have any bros gold dust is codys bro.

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Q: Is the miz friends with Cody rhodes?
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Did john Morrison kiss the miz?

No they did not but The Miz did kiss Cody Rhodes

Is the miz freinds with Cody Rhodes?

Yes. Most WWE wrestlers are friends with one another in real life

Are Cody Rhodes and maryse really dating?

Maryse is marrying The Miz. No even that nots true, Maryse is DEFINITLEY NOT marrying the Miz nor is she dating Cody Rhodes I man she don't even go with The Miz

Does kelly kelly really likes the miz?

NO she likes Cody Rhodes

Who won at night of champions the miz vs Cody Rhodes vs rey mysterio vs sin cara?

rey myserio

Are their any sinlge guy in the WWE?

Alot of the younger wrestlers are. ex: dolph ziggler Cody Rhodes sheamus kofi Kingston the miz

Is Cody Rhodes back with Peggy zamorano because it is posted on her myspace profile.?

No they are not dating but they are good friends. Cody Rhodes is actually dating WWE Diva Layla

Who is Cody Rhodes dad?

Yes. Dusty Rhodes is the father of Cody Rhodes !:-)

Is Cody Rhodes married?

Yes, Cody Rhodes married to Brandi Rhodes in September 12, 2013

DID Cody Rhodes loss intercontinental championship?

Yes, Cody Rhodes lost the Intercontinental championships at the Over The Limit 2012 pay per view to "Christian". After that, he tried to regain the title but was unable to succeed. Currently Wade Barrett and The Miz are feuding for the intercontinental title. Miz defeated Barrett to win the title at Wrestlemania 2013 pay per view but Barrett defeated Miz the very next day on RAW. Big E Langston is the current Intercontinental Champion

Did Kelly Kelly and Cody Rhodes date?

No they never dated! They are friends nothing more!

When was Cody Rhodes born?

Cody Rhodes was born on June 30, 1985.