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The Mata mata turtle is NOT an endangered species. It is found in plenty in South America.

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Q: Is the mata mata turtle endangered?
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Is the stinkpot turtle endangered?

No. The musk turtle, also known as the stinkpot turtle, is not an endangered species.

What age does a mata mata turtle live up to?

100 years if given the right care.

Was a snapping turtle ever endangered?

No.The common snapping turtle is not, nor has been an endangered species.

What sea turtle is the most endangered?

it is the kemp ridly turtle

Is the spotted turtle an endangered?


How endangered is the musk turtle?

It is very endangered because of its slowness.

Why is the logger head sea turtle is endangered?

They are endangered because of accidental by-catch, water pollution, turtle consumption, and more.

When did the box turtle start to get endangered?

Box turtles are not endangered species.

Is the loggerhead turtle endangered?


Is star turtle endangered?

Yes, They are.

What anamals are endangerd?

turtle are endangered

What is a kemps ridley sea turtle?

A Kemp's Ridley sea turtle is a critically endangered sea turtle.