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yes, he is married to Jennie Garth and they have two daughters.

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Q: Is the guy who plays cralisle in twilight married?
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Who plays Waylond from twilight?

The guy who plays Waylon Forge in Twilight is Ned Bellamy.

Who is the guy who plays Caralise in twilight?

Peter Facinelli.

Who is the guy who plays Charles on twilight?

Billy Burke

Who really plays Carlisle?

The character of Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight series is portrayed by actor Peter Facinelli.

Who is Bella Swan from twilight going out with?

in real life, Robert Patterson, the guy who plays edward

What is the guy how plays Emmet in twilight favorite color?

His favourite colour is Orange emmet is really cool!!

Is Genevieve Goings Married to the guy from choo choo soul?

Sorry. No she is not. I thought so to. And no she is not married. But she does have a steady boyfriend with that guy who plays in supernatural. The longer short haired guy.

What is an Emmet?

if u seen the movie he is with rosalie most of the time. that hot guy in twilight that married rosalie cullen

Who plays Bella Swan in Twilight saga?

Kristen Stewart plays Bella Swan in the Twilight saga.

Did the guy that plays edward in twilight propose to the girl that plays Bella?

Yes, Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward in Twilight) and Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella) were in a relationship during the filming of the Twilight series, but they never got engaged. They eventually broke up in 2013.

Who is Taylor lautuner?

Taylor is a guy who plays Jacob on Twilight and New Moon. He also played sharkboy on Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

What is emmet Cullens from twilight real name in real life?

The guy that plays Emmett Cullen is named Kellan Lutz.