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I don't recall a griffin in Lord of the Rings.

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2010-01-08 21:40:59
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Q: Is the griffin in Lord of the Rings good or evil?
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Lord of the Rings theme?

Triumph of Good over Evil.

On PC for Lord of the Rings Conquest can you play evil campaign and evil camaign?

Yes but only if you finish the good side campaign first

What is the name of the movie that tells good vs evil fight with powerful rings?

It could be many movies - lots of stories are about Good vs Evil. One movie and book with a powerful ring is called The Lord of the Rings.

What does the ring symbolize in the Lord of the Rings?

In The Hobbit, the ring symbolizes luck and good fortune. In Lord of the Rings, however, it symbolizes pure evil. It also symbolizes a burden that someone (Frodo) must be rid of.

Are orks good or not?

If you are talking about Orks off of Lord of the Rings, no they are not. They were created from dead remains of Elves and trained to kill and do evil.

Would good and evil be a good theme for Lord of the Flies?

No, go with "Man has an innate propensity for savagery/evil."

Will the movie The Hobbit be as good as The Lord of the Rings?

If Peter Jackson realizes his mistakes from The Lord of the Rings, and he decides NOT to make them again, then The Hobbit should be outstanding.

In The Lord of the Rings was the King of the Dead evil or good?

I believe he was neutral. They wanted the living to leave them alone to suffer. In the end, they fulfilled the oath that they had broken and been punished for over the years.

What is a free good?

1. RuneScape 2. Lord of the Rings Online

In Lord of the Rings the return of the king the game can you chose if you want to be the wizard?

Of course you can.You mean Gandalf the good wizard or Saruman the evil one?In the game(The Return of The king) you can only take Gandalf but if you buy The Lord of the Rings the Battle for Middle-Earth you can do everything!It's a PC strategy game!I hope that helps.

Why can't they make a good Lord of the Rings video game?

They did. Try Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle-Earth: Wrath of the Witch King, the lord of the rings return of the king,the two towers, and the third age are all really fun games

Which game is better Lord of the Rings total war or empire total war?

THERE WAS NEVER A LORD OF THE RINGS TOTAL WAR GAME ! but empire total war is good but every total war game was good :)

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