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If you like the kiddy stuff- it's all right for you ( sounds like Don K. Reid intro- as for me- some heavier stuff- Chipettes, which are an obvious takeoff on well, here in Neptune"s Tub to dwell, Ronnie, Nedra, and Estelle- and Phil. (Dave Seville is Phl Spector, it is obvious). I"m talking about the Ronettes.

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Q: Is the brady bunch better than the partridge family?
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Which of these was one of the Partridge family as opposed to being one of the Brady bunch?


What brady bunch character did david cassidy play?

David Cassidy did not play any character on The Brady Bunch. The show he was on was The Partridge Family. In that show he played oldest son Keith Patridge.

What is better The Cosby Show or The Brady Bunch?

The Brady Bunch

Is the brady bunch Tom Brady family?

simple anwer no

Is the Brady Bunch a real family?

no, they are not a real family.

Which tv family had a sheepdog named tiger?

The Brady Bunch

Which Brady Bunch family member did not have blue eyes?

Peter Brady was the only family member that did not have blue eyes. He has brown eyes..

What are the release dates for Family Feud - 1976 Petticoat Junction vs- The Brady Bunch II?

Family Feud - 1976 Petticoat Junction vs- The Brady Bunch II was released on: USA: 1983

Real or fiction name a famous family that has a lot of children?

Some WikiAnswerers say: The duggars are the largest blood family in the United States.

Did Tom Brady star in The Brady Bunch?

No. He was born after the Brady Bunch ended.

For which TV family did Ann Davis portray Alice the maid?

The Brady Bunch

The Brady Kids and The Brady Bunch Hour were spin offs of The Brady Bunch?