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Yes, it is implied (in both the original Amityville Horror and the remake) that the basement of the house is some kind of portal to Hell.

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Q: Is the basement of the Amityville Horror house a passage to Hell?
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Where is the Amityville Horror House?

Amityville, New York

Horror movie with priest in Victorian house?

The Amityville Horror.

How much is the house of amityville horror?


Where online could one find information on the Amityville Horror House?

It is possible to find out about the Amityville horror house from its own website. It is also possible to find out about it from numerous other sites.

Where is Amityville?

Amityville is a town on Long Island, New York. There is also a town called Amityville, Pennsylvania. The house where the Amityville Horror movies were filmed is in Toms River, New Jersey.

Where was Amityville horror filmed?

The original 1979 Amityville horror was filmed in Toms River, New Jersey Since then the house has been moved (slightly - turned side-ways and cosmetic changes were made) New house was built on original spot.

Is it true that no body can destroy the Amityville horror house?

I am sure it is just as easily succumbed to natural disaster or decay as any other house.

What is the name of an old horror flick about something in the basement of an old house?

i think that's "Don't go into the Basement"

What are the three scariest haunted house movies?

The scariest haunted house movies are The Shining, The Amityville Horror, and House on Haunted Hill. These are classics that set the standard for today's movies.

When was That Cursed House in Amityville created?

That Cursed House in Amityville was created in 2006.

How many pages does That Cursed House in Amityville have?

That Cursed House in Amityville has 230 pages.

What is the horror film called with the glass house in it it has all the scary ghosts in the basement?

13 Ghosts