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Q: Is the band name from metalocalypse spelled deathclock or deathklok?
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Who is the biggest selling death metal band?

I've been told it is Deathclock

Is metalocalypse a real band?

metalocalypse is just the name of the show the band is called dethklok and is a real band who have done live shows brendon small the guy who creates metalocylpse is in that band and at there shows have a screen behind them showing metalocalypse stuff to go with the song and that's what they want you to watch you can type in dethklok live to youtube and youll see loads of stuff but some of the videos are terrible quality

Who is toki wartooth?

He plays rhythm guitar for Dethlok, a heavy metal band. He is a fictional character on the tv show Metalocalypse on cartoon network, voiced by Tommy Blacha. He is the Rhythm guitarist and also does the keyboard for the band Dethklok not Dethlok.

Who is Nathan Explosion?

Nathan Explosion is the lead-singer of the cartoon heavy-metal band Deth Klok in the Cartoon Network series 'Metalocalypse.' He is also the song writer.

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