Is the band Keane christian

Updated: 8/30/2023
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yes they are, but they don't anounce it

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Q: Is the band Keane christian
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When was Keane - band - created?

Keane - band - was created in 1995.

Is Keane Christian?

Yes he is.

What school did the band keane go to?

Keane went to Tonbridge School in Kent. They were there for their whole secondary school lives. They named the band after Mrs. Keane, the woman that gave them all their meals.

Where can one view videos of live Keane performances?

Keane is a rock band. To see Keane perform, one might look at YouTube. Keane also was two sites that will have previous performances. One is Keane and the other is Keane Music.

Keane when did they start as a band?

The band was formed in 1995. Though there were still 4 persons in the band.

Which band's debut single was Brothers and Sisters?


Is the band 'I am Abomination' a Christian band?

No. They are not a Christian band.

How did alternative rock group Keane get the name?

The rock band keane got its name from Tom Chaplin(lead vocalist)'s Mother's old friend Cherry Keane, who left the chaplin money when she died. Before Keane was officially called keane, they were first the Lotus Eaters, which turned into Cherry Keane, and lastly got changed to Keane. :)

Is the band he is legend Christian?

no he is legend is not a christian band. the band members may be christian but the band itself is not

Is Blur a Christian band?

Although all the band members are Christian, the band Blur is not a Christian band.

Is the band Skeleton a Christian band?

No, Skeleton is not a Christian band.

Is the band Hellogoodbye a Christian band?

No, Hellogoodbye is not a Christian band. However, some of their lyrics may have a Christian meaning, but that does not make them a Christian band.