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They are cousins.

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Q: Is the actress on the National Floors Directs commercial related to Julie Bowen?
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Who is the actress in the Kellogg's Crunchy Nut commercial?

It is K.C. Sterling. She has a few national commercials running, including a Dairy Queen Blizzard spot. See the related link for more information.

Is the actress on the IKEA kitchen commercial related to Andrea Martin?

which kitchen commercial? I keep seeing the same three ads; one actress is black, one is asian so maybe you mean the actress in the kitchen "crunchy bites" commercial voiced by David Hyde Pierce? That is a Vancouver actress named Danielle Stott-Roy.... and i don't think she's related to Andrea Martin... though I have seen her act and she is very funny ..

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Actress in Nasacort commercial is Beth Fraser. Check related links for her IMDb and Twitter profiles.

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She's an actress named Julie Mann. See Related Link.

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That would be actress and producer Noel Thurman.See the related YouTube and IMDblinks listed below:

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Geneva Carr Close--- but I meant THIS commercial: Anyone? Thanks! :)

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The girls that are in the Geico boat insurance commercial are Julie Docherty (a model) and Sarah Hester (an actress). For more information, please refer to the related link.

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I just watched one that had Amy Sedaris in it. She's been doing a lot of Bounce and Downy and related commercials lately.

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Daryl Hannah is an American actress famous for her roles in Splash, and Blade Runner. Born in 1960, Daryl has been acting for a long time, but now directs and produces mostly personal projects related to her activism.

Who is the actress with the short brown hair in the sustenex commercial?

The actress with the short brown hair in the sustenex commercial is Leslie King who lives in Montana. She does commercials and film. You can see more of her work and learn more about her at the Montana Actors Studio website, see Sources and related links section below. (Her hair is now grown out by the way.)

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