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yes it is real me and my dad go Scuba diving every summer we look, search and discover things people say captain Entineel died on the steamship which is true but people also say it was cause he read his compass wrong which is false he read it correctly but Corey Skully tinkered with it t says because of his anchor necklace around his neck that's false it was actually he found it and with great force cracked it but whats the difference. captain Entineel was rushing to get back home to his lady love "Jesse Belle" and the wind cause him to crash it wasn't the compass fault he would have possibly crashed still but had more of a chance to live if it wasn't for Corey it was a terrible storm but since Corey broke the compass he was going toward the storm where the wind was harshly blowing and crashed but Corey knew he would so he jumped out the ship and lived but died and old man but when he jumped out his well known friend john heffely was nearby whom was also in on the plan and took Corey to the wedding before entineel ship crashed he begged Corey for help butt Corey continued to proceed to leave with his friend and when Corey arrived to the wedding for Jesse bell and entineel Corey told the news of entineel but told a false story of how he pasted away so corey purposed to the beautiful jesse belle and she refused to marry him because she refused to believe the story that Corey told her about enitneel he said he never loved u and he killed himself to be away from you and he hated her and more but she felt in her heart that couldn't be true and thought of him since then. And she died and old maiden and live til this day haunting those waters for there privacy,peace,and true love and scientist also say they live as ghost in the night to be together which i don't believe

-this story true and the ship is real the ship was built by Entineel in Louisiana on august 12 1981

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Q: Is the Jesse belle ship is real or not?
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Is Jesse belle a ship or not?

The Jesse Belle is a real ship. The captain named it after his true love, Jesse Belle.

What is the Jesse belle?

no its not real i searched all over the iternet and i found nothing

Are there pictures of the ship Jesse belle?

I'm not sure if there are pictures of the Jesse belle if u want 2 find out to 2 Google images and check but all i know is the Jesse belle is real

Was there ever a ship named the Jesse belle?


Was the Jesse belle story real?


Is the Jesse belle a real shipwreck?


Was the steamship Jesse Belle real?

he was a ghost captain

Where was the Jesse belle sank?

No one can say where the ship sank but with a little discovery under the sea we can find out. I am sure that there are lots of theories to where the ship sank.

Who caused the Jesse belle to crash?

first mate Cory Sculley sabotaged caption Entinel's compass by wedging his medallion in the back because Entinel was going to propose to the real Jesse belle whom he named the boat after Sculley was Jealous word on the street is that Sculley was the only survivor when he got back home he proposed to Jesse belle he got rejected Jesse belle was not over the death of her beloved Caption Entinel Jesse belle died a loner but Sculley has decedents still living today

Was there a ship called the ''Jessie belle''?

There was a ship called the "Jessie belle in New Orleans"

How tall is Jesse Ship?

Jesse Ship is 5' 11 1/2".

Is Jesse belle real?

yes Jesse bell is real she did not die untell she was a 100 years old wating for the capten of the steamboat the name was of the steamboat was Jesse bell. a nutther poson of the same steamboat ask Jesse bell to marry him but she said no because her heart belond to a nuther poson.