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No. It is a hoax.

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Q: Is talking angela a stalking app?
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Is talking Angela the app bad?


When is the app talking Angela coming out?

december 2nd

Is talking Angela Bad?

no it's a good app

Is there a man in talking Angela's eyes?

no because it is a reflection of one person that used it and its not real trust me

Is talking Angela danerous?

Talking Angela is a "chatterbot" app.

Who is Angela's voice?

The Voice Of Talking Angela Is Chelsea Ward. She's Been Singing That's Falling In Love,on the new app Talking Angela. It was hard to find Chelsea but we did. ;] Now we finally have a good singer,who can play Angela. If You Didn't Know About Angela. Angela's Charcater is Tom cat's girlfriend but if you look in the letters in the app called Tom's Loved Letters there's Tomcat at the wedding with Angela. And on Tom Loves Angela you can see him proposing. <3 I Hope This Ansers Anybody's Problems. Just Search Chelsea Ward Up On Google And PM Me If You Find Anymore Info That I Can Put On The Wepsites Ansering Anybody's Questions. If You Can PM Me As Soon As Possible That'd Be Okay With Me. If I Don't Anser Soon Then I'm Probaly Asleep Or Doing Something Away From My Desk! ;P I Hope You Have A Great Easter! And Have A Good 2013! :)

Is there hackers in the game talking Angela?

There have been rumors and reports of security concerns with the Talking Angela app, but there is no concrete evidence that suggests it is hacked by hackers. It is always recommended to use apps with caution and be aware of the permissions you grant them.

Did the guy from talking Angela get arrested?

Did the guy from talking angela get arrested?

Is talking angela hacked?

Yes, there are hacked versions and unhacked versions of Talking Angela.

Where can one find out more about cyber stalking?

You can find out more about cyber stalking in the internet. There are forums people talking about cyber stalking. There are an article from Marshall Unviersity talking about cyber stalking.

Is the guy that hacked talking Angela a sexoffender?

porbably yes. He asked people for nudes and where they live. Its very creepy and it has happened to me. Please do not download the app. He can see you from your camera too

is talking angela scary?