Is sting WWE dead

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no he is in tna.

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Q: Is sting WWE dead
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Is WWE wrestler Sting dead?

No, he's not dead.

Will the sting return to WWE?

No. Sting will not come to the WWE

Has sting joined WWE?

Yes, Sting joined the WWE last year in 2014.

Is Sting going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

It is unknown if Sting will be in the WWE Hall of Fame at this time.

Why did sting quit?

sting is signing contract with wwe

Will Sting Ever Sign With WWE?

no sting will never sign with the wwe he said in an interview a while go

When is sting comming back to WWE?

Sting is expected back to WWE later this year or early in 2015.

Did sting join the WWE?

Sting the wrestler is said to have joined WWE and we can expect to be seeing him in the ring soon.

Will sting come to WWE?


Was sting ever on WWE?

No he was not

What time of in 2014 is goldberg and sting coming to WWE?

They are not coming to WWE. Sting signed a merchandise contract NOT a wrestling contract.

Is sting ever coming to WWE?

Sting stated that he will most likely not be coming to WWE due to the way they treat their wrestlers. Sting never said any such thing!!