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no. Eminem is just rapping about all of the crazy fan mail that he gets however that never happened.

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No, it is not, He said he was simply being creative and trying to reach out to his fans.

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Q: Is slim shady and Stan in dear Stan a true story?
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What was slim shady's last song?

stan. or my name is.

Who is the fastest rapper now?

Eminem,Slim Shady,Stan,Marshall Mathers (RAP GOD)

What is eminem like to slim shady?

eminem is different to slim shady because slim shady is the bad side of him and eminem is the next side of him cuz with eminem hes adout hip hop and rap no matter what but with slim its a next story cuz with slim hes the angry one and the crazy one

What is the meaning of the song the real slim shady?

The meaning of the song The Real Slim Shady is to say that he is Slim Shady and no posers are.

Is emenem slim shady?

Yes, Eminem's nickname is slim shady.

Is eninem slim shady?

eminem has said he is still slim shady, the relapse/refill album was not the last of shady, recovery was just suposed to be his serious album, eminem has although said shady will calm down a little bit.

Is eminem slim shady brother?

No, Slim Shady is Eminems alter ago.

Where did slim shady live?

slim shady lived in detriot michigan with his mom.

Did slim shady die in a car crash?

no, Slim Shady is still alive

When was The Slim Shady EP created?

The Slim Shady EP was created in 1996.

Who is better biggie smallz or slim shady?

Slim shady all the way

Is sodja boy richer than slim shady?

NO! Eminem (slim shady) is wealthier.