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Pretty much. Impossible is the only song I can think of.

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Q: Is shontelle a one hit wonder?
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Is it correct grammar to say a one hit wonder?

It's better with a - between one and hit: The band was a one-hit wonder. "One-hit" is a compound adjective modifying the noun wonder.

Is jimi Hendrix technically a one hit wonder?

Yes technically he was a one it wonder.

What actors and actresses appeared in One Hit Wonder - 2011?

The cast of One Hit Wonder - 2011 includes: Dominic Sandbrook as himself

What made 'The Ketchup Song' such a good one hit wonder?

The song 'The Ketchup Song' by the group Las Ketchup was considered a one hit wonder. This song is considered a good one hit wonder because of it's catchy beat and lyrics.

Is Miranda Cosgrove a one hit wonder?


Is tracy Chapman a one hit wonder?

I think she is a two hit wonder she had "Fast Car" in 1988 and "Give Me One More Reason" in 1996.

What is the birth name of Shontelle Walton?

Shontelle Walton's birth name is Shontelle June-Ann Walton.

Are Beyonce and Shontelle sisters?

No, Beyonce and Shontelle are not related.

Is shontelle full name shontelle layne?

Yes ! (:

What is singer shontelle's real name?

Shontelle Layne

Are Rihanna and shontelle sisters?

No Shontelle stated she loves Rihanna like her little sister

Was Superstition by Stevie Wonder a number one hit?

in the USA, it was a number one hit in 1973