Is sakura kinomoto smart

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not really. She isn't because she is the athletic type, not the nerdy type.

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Q: Is sakura kinomoto smart
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What episode in cardcaptor sakura did Fujitaka Kinomoto went to sakura's school?

i believe that was episode 12 :)

What episode does Sakura Kinomoto and Princess Sakura meet in tsubasa?

In episode one trillion and five.

Can Sakura Kinomoto transform?

No, Kinomoto Sakura (the Cardcaptor) cannot transform. However, her rather obsessive fan, Daidouji Tomoyo, makes many "battle costumes" for her that she wears while capturing the cards.

Who is Sakura Kinomoto?

Sakura Kinomoto is an anime character from the anime & manga, 'Cardcaptor Sakura'. It's a nice story i suggest you read or watch it online. U can read it online for free at Or you can watch it at or Hope it helps! ~Chiyuki~

Did Tomoyo Daidoji create the costumes for Sakura Kinomoto?

Yes every episodes Tomoyo create the costumes for Sakura

What color are Sakura Kinomoto's outfits?

i dont know but i think blue. sorry if im wrong.

What is cardcaptor sakura about?

The anime series "Cardcaptor Sakura" is about a fourth grade student Sakura Kinomoto who opens a strange book and lets dozens of powerful magic cards loose on the world .

Who created the battle costumes for Sakura Kinomoto?

CLAMP are the artists, Ohkawa being the main artist; unless you mean Tomoyo Daidouji perhaps? As she sewed and made them in the series.

Where can you get pictures of sakura kinomoto tied up?

photobucket da ok thanks is there any pcis if her chair tied ro tied up gagged bare feet on there

Who are the characters in cardcaptor sakura?

Sakura Kinomoto- The main character. Her name means 'cherry blossom.' She is a 4th grader at Tomeda elementary. Cerberus- Guardian Beast of the Seal, he was told by Clow Reed to guard the cards, but he fell asleep on the job, so Sakura was able to open the book. Sakura's guide. Looks like a plush toy. Likes sweet things. Clow Reed- an ancient sorcerer who created cards that became mischief so he sealed them in a book. They got free again, and Sakura has to capture them before they cause too much trouble. Fujitaka Kinomoto- Sakura's Father Kaho Mizuki- her substitute math teacher who is the daughter of a priest, and works at a very strange shrine. Maki Matsumoto- a lady who works in a stuffed animal shop. Meilin Li- a girl who moved from Hong Kong. Is friends with Li Syaoran Nadeshko Kinomoto- Sakura's mother. Sakura's mom died when Sakura was 3. Naoko Yanagisawa- Sakura's friend. She loves supernatural stuff, like ghosts and magic. Rika Saski- Sakura and Naoko's friend. She is good at stuff like cooking, and sewing. Sonomi Daidouji- Sakura's best friend's mom. Her and Nadeshko were cousins. Syaoran Li- a boy who moves from Hong Kong to try and collect the Clow Cards himself. Takashi Yamazaki- a classmate and is friends with Li. He likes to tell lies that seem true (like a joke) Tomoyo Daidouji- Sakura's best friend. Is the only other person who knows about Clow Cards other than Li and Meilin. Toya Kinomoto- Sakura's older brother. He loves to joke with her, but cares for her. Yoshiyuki Terada- Sakura and classmate's teacher. Yukito Tsukishiro- a kind gentleman. Toya's best friend, and Sakura's crush. (Note: Sakura is in elementary school, Yukito is in highschool)

When was Kozo Kinomoto born?

Kozo Kinomoto was born on 1949-01-08.

When was Minehiro Kinomoto born?

Minehiro Kinomoto was born on 1989-11-22.