Is ray ray Asian and black?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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black with chinese eyes

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Q: Is ray ray Asian and black?
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Is ray ray in mindless behavior black?

RayRay is Asian and Black.

What race are mindless behavior boys?

Prodigy is black. Princeton is black and mexican. Ray Ray is black and asian. Roc Royal is black and white. ;)

What type of race is ray ray from mindless behavior what type of Asian?

Ray ray is African American and asian

What nationality is ray ray?

Asian i think.

What is Ray ray's ethnic background from mindless behavior?

Ray Ray has an African American mother and his Dad is from Belize. I think his real name is Rayon his real name is randy rayson and princeton name is jacob perez and roc royal name is trey young and prodigy real name is craig johnson

Does blAsian mean black and Asian as in black and Chinese or black and Indian?

Its black and asian/chinese

What are de races of Mindless Behavior?

Princeton is African-American and hispanic ray ray is African American and probaly Asian(i think) roc royal is probaly malado and i think prodigy is jus black

When was Asian black bear created?

Asian black bear was created in 1823.

Do Asian guys like black women?

Yes, Black guys like Asian women.

How do you make a black Asian?

When a black person and an Asian person love each other very much...

Is ray ray black?


Does ray ray have a black berry?