Is ragtime music still popular today?

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Q: Is ragtime music still popular today?
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Where did ragtime start?

ragtime music stared in north America and the time it was, was in the 19th century and did you know that some of the famous tunes that they did in the 19th century are still around today.

Is blues music popular today or not?

yes - still very popular today

Is Elvis still popular today?

Yes, he is still popular and many people still listen to his music and watch his films!

When were The Beatles popular?

The Beatles became popular in the 1960s and were popular for the next several decades. Their music is still listened to today.

When was lounge music most popular?

Lounge music was a popular music genre in the 1950s and 1960s. It is often easy listening music which is still used in many golf clubs and casinos today.

How is the Beatles music similar to the popular music that we have today?

They influenced the music we have today.

Is jazz still popular?

Jazz is indeed still a popular form of music that is made today. Jazz is popular because it is very rhythmic, upbeat, and includes many opportunities to improvise.

Modern calypso music comes originally from where?

The modern calypso music heard today comes from Trinidad and Tobago. This type of music was started sometime in the early 1900's and is still popular today.

What music is popular in Mexico today?


Is country music popular today?


When was the year country music was poular?

Country music has been popular as early as Elvis Presley, it still continues to be popular today, it just depends on where you live. It's very prominent in the South especially.

How popular is country music today?

not very popular to kids but popular to some adults

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