Is pyrus viper Helios black

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes go on Google and type in Bakugan viper Helios black pyrus

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Q: Is pyrus viper Helios black
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When is bakugan viper Helios pyrus coming out?

it is out but it is a bakusteel with a pyrus symbol.

What attribute is Helios in Bakugan?


What is the DNA code for pyrus Helios?

Pyrus Helios doesn't have a DNA code ,but if you are lucky when you buy a new gadalien invader toy set where a ball is closed it might be Helios.

Where can you find a viper Helios?

you can find viper Helios in kansas city at target and walmart

What is the strongest pyrus bakugan?

the top pyrus trainer is definitely dan by a triple longshot.

Is Helios darkus Bakugan?

Yes, Helios is a Darkus bakugan in Bakugan Mechtanium Surge. In Bakugan New Vestroia, he was a Pyrus bakugan.

Who is the second best bakugan?

viper Helios

Is Viper Helios rare?

super rare

Where can you get a Viper Helios bakugan?

Toys Rus

What store have the Bakugan viper Helios?


How rare is viper Helios?

super ultra rare

What is a Viper Helios bakugan?

it is the evolved form of helios. if you have any more questions about it ask me at