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They are not brothers, although they share the same surname. Mahela had a younger brother but unfortunately he passed away while still a teenager.

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Q: Is prasanna jayawardene and mahela jayawardene brothers?
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When was Prasanna Jayawardene born?

Prasanna Jayawardene was born in 1979.

What is Mahela Jayawardene's birthday?

Mahela Jayawardene was born on May 27, 1977.

How old is Mahela Jayawardene?

Mahela Jayawardene is 34 years old (birthdate: May 27, 1977).

Does mahela jayawardene have a baby?


How tall is mahela jayawardene?


How many children does mahela jayawardene has?


What is the name of mahela jayawardene's wife?


Is Mahela Jayawardene's wife having a child?

yes.he married in 2004.his wife is Christine jayawardene.

Who did Mahela Jayawardene get 374 against?

Against South Africa

Who was the cricketer has taken most number of catches of mutiah muralidaran bowling?

Mahela Jayawardene

Mahela jayawardene is Hindu or Christian?

Mahela is a buddhist.In a cricket match, the ball went and hit a bird. Mahela attended to the bird. After the match he said, "all life is sacred" - a philosophy that he follows due to his religion beind buddhism.

Who was the first batsman in the 2011 world cup scored century?

Mahela Jayawardene was the first batsman to score century in 2011 world cup.