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Well chemical X doesn't make them any different from anyone else,except for having superpowers.

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Q: Is power puff girl Z pregnant?
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What is power puff girls z?

The Japanese version of the power puff girls

What cartoon is like the winks club?

well there was a winks before winks club like in 2000 and its the same with the power puff girls there was a power puff girls z but now just power puff girls

What channel is power puff z on?

It really isn't on anymore but i think it is on in tokyo

Who makes the most money jay z or puff puff daddy?

Jay z

How old is blossom from power puff girls z?

blossom from power puff girls z is 15 i think or maybe 16 years old roably 16 but she has a little sister that annoys her blossom is 16 years old

A 2 part of Powerpuff Girls it has a diffident one and what is it call?

ppgz/ power puff girls z.

Wear can you find Powerpuff Girls Z English?

just go to and go to videos and type in power puff girlz z in English and SOME will apear

When do Power-puff Girls Z come to America?

Cartoon network has stated that the show will be shown worldwide but it remains unknown. komendosai

Who is the rich est Jay-Z or puffy?

jay-z is rich then puff

When is Powerpuff Girls going to air the US?

If your speaking of the original "Power Puff Girls" it aired a while ago, back around the time "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" aired. You can still watch it occasionally whenever it comes on Boomerang. I meant the power puff girls z which was a remake of ppg in America but made it an anime

Is Beyonce Knowles have kids?

No, but will do soon as she is pregnant to a baby girl with her husband Jay-Z. The birth will be soon.Farida x

What are all of the shows on anime?

The ones I have heard of are : Bleach , Bakugon, Mew Mew Power / Tokyo Mew Mew , Fullmetal Alchemst , Yu-Gi-Oh! and those spin -offs , Fruit Baskets , Kekkshi , Pokemon , Dragon Ball Z , Power Puff Girls , Power Puff Girls Z I think is the title for that one , Magical Do Re Mi / Ojamio , One Piece , Cowboy BeBop , Ghost in the Shell , Inuashu , Narto , Mermaid Melody , Sailor Moon and it's spin offs , Sonic X .