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it sure is.

you can find a paraffin penguin at the local zoo.

its sweat is used for oil paints.

very useful if you ask me...

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Q: Is paraffin a solvent for oil paints?
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What is the solvent in paint?

Paints use either some type of oil or plain water as their solvent. Paints using water don't produce the air pollution that paints using oil do.

Will water work for thinning oil paints?

Unfortunately combining oil and water in paint always results in disaster. Oil based paints must be thinned with solvent. Brushes used to paint oil based paints also need to be cleaned with solvent.

What is the solvent used in paints?

Varsol, oil thinner, turps, lacquer thinner, xylene, and many others.

What is paraffin solvent?

Paraffin solvent is made to dissolve paraffin in tubing or in surface equipment. It is usually made of aromatic and aliphatic liquid organic materials.

Are oil based tints and latex tints differ?

Oil and latex paints are tinted with the same universal tints. There are specific tints that only work in solvent based paints however.

Is oil in salad dressing a suspension colloid or solution?

Oil-based paints tend to separate into layers over time. The pigment molecules are suspended in a solvent of linseed oil and mineral spirits. Oil-based paints are suspensions. Water-based paints such as latex paint are colloids.

What is the difference between water based and oil based interior white paint?

Regardless of the color, oil-based paints use solvent, normally mineral spirits, as a solvent Vs. water for water-based and oil-based paints dry harder than latex paints making them more scrubable. Water-based paints don't yellow or crack as they age and can be formulated to dry fairly hard while still retaining some elasticity. Both oil and water-based white paints should cover to opacity in a single coat.

How does turpentine dissolve oil paint chemically?

this is true because the oils attack the fumes in oil paints

What is one chemical in a lava lamp?

Paraffin, solvent, dye.

What is the difference between paraffin oil and oil?

Paraffin oil is a derivative of petroleum. In solid forms, paraffin oil is a solid with 20-40 atom molecules. Petroleum is not a solid.

What is the state of paraffin oil at a temperature of 450?

Paraffin oil is a gas at 450 oC.

How do most paints dry?

Most paints dry by the action of air vapourising their solvent.