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No it's not actually a school, but in the Live Action version of the show, the "school" used for filming was actually a hospital.

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Q: Is ouran academy a real school?
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Where is the music room 3 located in ouran high school host club?

The High School grade level of Ouran Academy

Are there dorm rooms at Ouran academy?

Sorry, but no. Ouran Academy is a normal rich persons school, not a rich person's boarding school. The host club resides in an abandoned music room, more specifically, the third music room.

Is the Gallager Academy a real school?

There is a Gallagher Academy school but it is a normal school. It's not a school for spies.

Are there any schools out there similar to Ouran Academy from Ouran High School Host Club?

and I thought I was an OHSHC otaku.... There probably aren't; OHSHC was drawn to have the over-the-top unrealistic flavour that people love to read in manga; if it could be found in real life to the same extremes, it wouldn't be as fun to read.

Is the school yancy academy real?

No, I'm pretty sure Yancy Academy is not real.

Who is the blond guy on ouran school host club?

The blonde male in Ouran High School Host Club is Tamaki Suoh.

What is pacific coast academy's school real name?


Who plays Renge on Ouran High School Host Club?

Monica Rial plays Renge Houshakuji on Ouran High School Host Club.

Is Lincoln academy online school real?

Yes, they are a real school. You may use your diploma from them to apply to college and get a job.

Where can you download unsubbed ouran high school host club episodes?

if you go onto,type ouran high school host club episode 1.then you will see full episode and you press the picture and the whole time will be 24 minutes and scroll down a bit then you will see a list of ouran episodes.they can be English subs or the real English episodes said by actors

Is St. James academy school accredited?

the real question is< are you acredited

Is Grattan Academy a real school?

that makes as much sense as your head