Is nick Jonas 18 turning 19?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Joe is 18 turning 19. Nick is 16 turning 17 , his birthdays September 16th.

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Q: Is nick Jonas 18 turning 19?
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Jonas brother's ages?

Nick-15 will turn 16 on Sept. 16th. Joe-18 will turn 19 on Aug. 15th. Kevin- 20 will turn 21 on Nov. 7th

Is nick Jonas dating nichole Anderson?

no he is not in fact Nicole is 20 years old and will be turning 21 in August and yet again nick is 18 and will be turning 19 in September

How old are the Jonas brothers this year?

Kevin is (as of now) 20, turning 21 in November. Joe is 18 (as of now) turning 19 in August. Nick is 15 (as of now) turning 16 in September. Frankie (the Bonus Jonas) is 7 (as of now) turning 8 in September.

How old is nick Jonas know in 2011?

he is 18-19

How many years old is Joe Jonas?

he is now 19 he was born Aug.15,1989 demi is now 16 since Aug.20,1992 nick Jonas is 15 turnig 16 in sept.16 Kevin will Kevin is just 20 turning 21 sometime in November(nov.5)

How old are the Jonas Brothers?

Paul Kevin Jonas Jr. (Kevin Jonas) is 30 years old (born November 5, 1987). Joseph Adam Jonas (Joe Jonas) is 28 years old (born August 15, 1989). Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Nick Jonas) is 25 years old (born September 16, 1992). There is a fourth brother, Franklin Nathaniel Jonas (Frankie Jonas), who is not a part of the band, who was born September 28, 2000).

Whose who in the band Jonas Brothers and how old are each?

Well, basically, Nicholas(Nick) Jonas, Joseph(Joe) Jonas, and Paul(Kevin) Jonas are the main people of the band. That would be why they are called the Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas(15 turning 16)- vocals, guitar, piano, and drums Joe Jonas(18 turning 19)- vocals, percussion, guitar, and keyboard Kevin Jonas(20 turning 21)- guitar and vocals **For the following, I am not sure about their ages. Greg Garbowsky- bass guitar John Taylor- lead guitar Jack Lawless- drums and percussion Ryan Liestman- keyboards

How old Jonas?

Nick Jonas is 16, almost 17, Joe Jonas is 18, almost 19 Kevin Jonas is 22, almost 23

How old is Jonas brothers brother?

Frankie Jonas is 9.

Are the Jonas brothers triplits?

no nick is 18, joe is 19 and Kevin is 23 i think XD

How old are each one of the Jonas Brothers?

Here is from youngest to oldest Franklin : September 28th, 2000 He is 9 years old Nicholas : September 16th, 1992 He is 17 Joseph : August 15th, 1989 He is 20 Kevin Jonas : November 5th, 1987 He is 22 also the Jonas brothers now have a awsome show called Jonas as you probably know is on Disney channel

How old is Nick Jonas in 2011?

he is 18 years old and will turn 19 in sometime in September 2011