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If your talking about two weekends from now its next weekend

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Q: Is next weekend the nearest one or is that this weekend?
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When is the next yard sale weekend?

Next weekend.

When is the next Cheerleading Compitshion?

there is one this weekend at charlotte

What is 0.3 rounded to the nearest this weekend?

A number cannot be rounded to a weekend!

What is the difference between next weekend and the coming weekend US English And the difference between next weekend and following weekend UK English?

Personally, 'this weekend' refers to the closest upcoming weekend. As in if it's Wednesday, this weekend would start in a few days. Next weekend refers to the upcoming week, as in after the closest weekend.

Que va a hacer el proximo fin de semana?

It means one of the following: 1) "What are you going to do next weekend?" 2) "What is he/she going to do next weekend?

Is next weekend this coming weekend or weekend after next?

The weekend of the week you are currently in is this weekend, Next weekend would refer to the week after that. Then of course it depends on who you are talking to, If you came up to me on monday and said lets do something next weekend, I would assume you mean the very next weekend. If you said the same thing on friday I would then assume you mean the weekend after this coming weekend. Confused? That is why I end up saying things like two weekends from now, or the weekend after this. Unless you know how the other person thinks you can not be sure so clarify.

How do you say 'next weekend' in French?

You would say "le week-end prochain" in French to mean "next weekend".

When is the next carnival in Bristol?

this weekend

In the Body Centred Cubic lattice what are the numbers of the nearest and next nearest neighbors?

There are eight nearest neighbours, and six next-nearest.

When is the next Harry Potter weekend?

This weekend (Dec. 4th and 5th) on ABC Family

What is 1209711.00 rounded to the next one thousand?

1,209,711.00 rounded to the nearest one thousand is: 1,210,000

When is the next long weekend in Australia?

The first weekend in October (Oct. 3rd is Labour Day).