Is nagato stronger than Naruto

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no, naruto is stronger than nagato

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Q: Is nagato stronger than Naruto
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Is nagato stronger than pain in Naruto shippuden?

Pains are just dead corpses controlled by nagato. So, they can't be compared to nagato.

Is anyone stronger than hanzo?

yes someone is stronger than hanzo not naruto pain/pein/nagato is the one who killed hanzo

Is Naruto stronger than jiraiya?

He has the potential to be stronger but he doesn't have time to compare before Jiraiya dies

Who is stronger nagato or Sasuke?

I think they are nearly the same BUT Sasuke has to be stronger considering Naruto beats Nagato and he doesn't think he will be strong enough to beat Sasuke and needs to take control of the kyuubi

In Naruto what is pains real name?


Does Naruto kill pain nagato?

No, Naruto doesn't kill Nagato. Nagato gives his life in the process of reviving people he has killed.

Who is the child of prophecy Naruto or nagato?


Is minato stronger than Naruto?

yes, he is stronger than naruto. but naruto will surpass minato because he is his son.

Who stronger pein or madara?

It seems like Madara was stronger than Pein in the end. Naruto defeated Pein/Nagato. I'm sure Pein/Nagato would have put up a good fight against Madara but if he was defeated by Naruto, I doubt he would have won against Madara. Also, note that even Konan's ultimate technique didn't bring Madara down. So I think Madara is the stronger one.

Who is stronger pain or Tobi?

Pein or Nagato himself was much stronger than Tobi himself, Nagato had the rinnegan, and tobi had only the mangekyou sharingan, now that Nagato is dead, and tobi has stolen his eye and he has made every jinchuuriki a path of pain he is stronger, but not himself, his paths, so Nagato(Pain).

How does Naruto kill pain?

Naruto didn't kill him, but Nagato (Pain) said that he would believe in Naruto, and revived all the people Nagato had killed in Konoha, at the cost of Nagato's own life.

If Sasuke Versed Nagato who would win?

if sauske battled nagato-pein sauske would win because of his mangeykyou sharingan also if naruto can beat nagato than sauske can beat nagato.

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