Is mr jingles real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He is and he will never die but he can kill you and he lives in londen. from richard quac quan

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Q: Is mr jingles real
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What is the difference in mr bojangles and mr jingles?

The difference between Mr. Bojangles and Mr. Jingles is that Mr. Bojangles was a fictional character that is sung about. Mr. Jingles was an actual character that a person could see on the show, "Captain Kangaroo". Mr. Jingles was the name of the bunny puppet on that show.

What was talented animal the green mile?

Mr. Jingles the mouse.

Who named the mouse on the green mile?

The mouse is called Mr. Jingles. In the book, the guards who first saw him called him Steamboat Willie, after the third Mickey Mouse cartoon. Eduard Delicroix later gives the mouse the name Mr. Jingles. In the film, however, the mouse is unnamed until Eduard names it Mr. Jingles.

What breed of mouse is Mr Jingles from The green mile?

is a young rat

What was the cats name in meet the fockers?

The name of the cat is Jinx

What was the name of the movie where the cellmate name the mouse mr jingles?

The Green Mile

What are the release dates for The Jamie Foxx Show - 1996 Mr- Bo-Jingles 4-2?

The Jamie Foxx Show - 1996 Mr- Bo-Jingles 4-2 was released on: USA: 24 September 1999

Who was Mr Jingles Green Mile?

He was the mouse. Mr Jingles was a mouse taken in by Edward Delequar. He was played by more than 30 different mice. And at times in the film was also replaced by CGI technology, Fake mice, and animatronic mice.

What are examples of jingles with the parts of speech?

If you are asking what part of speech jingles is, it is a verb. The bell jingles. Different examples of things jingling would be: The bell jingles. The dog's chain jingles. My necklace jingles.

What kids TV show had a character named Jingles?

The Jingles Show (or Jingles of Boofland)

In what movie was there a cell mate with a pet mouse named Mr Jingles?

The Green Mile with Tom Hanks and Micheal Jeter

Who was jingles in roy rogers?

Jingles was Andy Devine. Jingles was the sidekick of Guy Madison in Wild Bill Hickock - Jingles was always yelling - Hey, Wild Bill, wait for me.