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Yes, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, jr. is currently still the chairman and CEO of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Triple H relieving him of his duties was just part of a storyline to get Mr.McMahon off-air. However, Triple H is still working backstage.

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yes he is the chairman of the company of the WWE

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Q: Is mr McMahon still the boss of WWE?
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Is WWE mr macmahon dead?

No, Vince McMahon is not dead. He is still alive and still the chairman of WWE.

Is WWE ever goin to get rid of mr McMahon?

NO! Mr. McMahon is the owner of WWE as well as one of its best heels!

When does WWE begin?

in 1952 it was found by Mr McMahon and in 1954 it started by Mr McMahon

Who started the WWE?

Vincent McMahon senior. Mr McMahon's dad.

Are there any billionares in the WWE?

mr McMahon

Who was the First GM of WWE?

Mr mcmahon

Who sings WWE no chance?

Mr Mcmahon

When did mr machman joined WWE?

Mr. McMahon didn't join WWE he owns WWE as did his father before him!

Who owns WWE smackdown?

Mr Mcmahon has sold wwe raw to Donald Trump. And Donald Trump might buy the whole wwe, but now Mr. Mcmahon is the manager

Who is mr mcmahons son?

Mr. McMahon's son is Shane McMahon. He is known for his involvement in regular on-screen appearances as a wrestler and executive in WWE.

Why was Mr McMahon fired from the WWE in 2011?

Because he needed money and there wasnt much for him to do on wwe so he didnt earn the money he wanted to for his family

Who is the Chairman of WWE RAW?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon (Mr. McMahon). yea.plese recomend