Is miss pooja singer dead

Updated: 8/30/2023
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No, she is still alive.

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Q: Is miss pooja singer dead
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Who is the Punjabi singer with the most songs ever recorded?

Miss Pooja?

Is miss pooja singer Punjabi is married?

Yes, to Amit Sharma.

Did miss pooja die?

She is not dead because I have read another article that she is not dead!

Religion of miss pooja Punjabi singer?

her religion is Humanity as taught by Nirankari Mission

Is miss pooja the best singer in India?

yes but not only in India in whole earth she is the best

Is miss pooja engaged?


Is miss pooja married?


What is the cast of miss pooja?


Is the miss pooja jatt?

No, she is Chamaar

What is Miss Pooja famous for?

Miss Pooja is a famous Punjabi Bhangra artist. She is becoming a household name in the industry and receiving acclaim for her authentic style. Miss Pooja is expected to become more famous in the next few years.

Has miss poja died yet?

Please be specific Who is Miss Pooja......

What religion is miss pooja?

Her religion is Sikhism.