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No, She has a house on Smith lake. Im a few houises down.

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Q: Is miley Cyrus buying a house in Cullman Alabama?
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Was Miley Cyrus in cullman Alabama on July 3 at walmart?

Yes, she was there. A lot of people and store employees saw and spoke to her. She was buying a bathing suit (from her own collection). Apparently, she saw that the Cullman WalMart was close to the interstate and was in a really small town and she, her boyfriend and 2 dancers stopped. I live in Cullman and Walmart is NOT seen from the interstate. It's been rumored that Billy Ray has a lake house in Cullman county and that they were here for the 4th to watch fireworks.

Who are the representatives from the cullman to the Alabama state house of representatives?

I doont know

Does hank Williams jr have a house in cullman Alabama?

Yes he does. It somewhere in lower alabama. Kid Rock just bought the property backing up to him. He talked about in a recent interview.

What does Miley Cyrus's house look like on smith lake in Alabama?

Its very beautiful and nice and big with an ingrown pool.

When was Cyrus Bates House created?

Cyrus Bates House was created in 1820.

What color is Miley Cyrus' house?

Miley Cyrus's house is whitethe house on Hannah Montana is similar as the her house!! answered by michaela

When was Cyrus B. Cobb House created?

Cyrus B. Cobb House was created in 1889.

In the state of Alabama can a landlord show a rental house without the tenant being present?

Regardless of state, "can a owner of property show it to someone interested in buying?"

Did Billy Cyrus kick Miley Cyrus out of his house?


How do you get to milley Cyrus' house?

you look up ... milwy cyrus's house in google map s and geet directions

How do I find an application for buying a House?

How do I find an application for buying a House

does daystar chruch of cullman have emergeny shelter?

Daystar House INC has opportunities to volunteer. Check out for names and numbers.