Is mc magic a gangster

Updated: 4/28/2022
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MC Magic is NOT a gangster. He is a very humble, romantic person. He reps AZ, brown pride, and his record company, but he is no gangster.

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Q: Is mc magic a gangster
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What year was MC Magic born in?

MC Magic (Marco Cardenas) was born on June 29th 1970 in Nogales, Mexico. MC Magic was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. MC Magic is currently 42 years old and is a rapper.

When was Magic City - MC Magic album - created?

Magic City - MC Magic album - was created on 2006-05-09.

Who does MC like?

who does mc magic have a relationship with

Where does MC Magic live at right now?

where does mc magic live

Who is Marcus cardenas?

mc magic

Who is MC magic?

Pretty girl,beautiful,dancer,you stole my heart,all of my life,and lies are some fo Mc magic's songs.

How old is mc magic of the nb ridaz?

Born in 1966 mc magic born Marco cardenas is 44 years old

When is MC Magic's birthday?

June 29th.

What is mc magic's name?

Marcus Cardenas

Did mc magic dead?

unfortunally yes. he was shot while signing autographs in california. there are more detail on the mc magic wikipedia page

What is mc magic?

One of the most romantic singers.

Where did Mc Magic went to school?

Maryvale High School