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he changed surname, don't know if he's still alive though

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Q: Is mannfried hauptmann still alive
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Who was Bruno hauptmann wife?

Bruno Hauptmann's wife was Anna Schoeffler Hauptmann. They were married in 1925 and had a son together.

What is the birth name of Gerhart Hauptmann?

Gerhart Hauptmann's birth name is Hauptmann, Gerhart Johann Robert.

When was Helmut Hauptmann born?

Helmut Hauptmann was born in 1928.

When was Harald Hauptmann born?

Harald Hauptmann was born in 1936.

When was Moritz Hauptmann born?

Moritz Hauptmann was born in 1792.

When did Moritz Hauptmann die?

Moritz Hauptmann died in 1868.

What has the author Sven Hauptmann written?

Sven Hauptmann has written: 'Collager'

Are cro magnon still alive?

yes they are still alive!! yes they are still alive!!

How old was ernest gaines when he died?

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What is Elisabeth Hauptmann's birthday?

Elisabeth Hauptmann was born on June 20, 1897.

When was Elisabeth Hauptmann born?

Elisabeth Hauptmann was born on June 20, 1897.

What is Bruno Hauptmann's birthday?

Bruno Hauptmann was born on November 26, 1899.