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No, he is a fictional character made up by Stephenie Meyer.

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Q: Is major jasper whitlock a real person person?
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What is Jasper Hale's full name?

if your wondering what his real name is then its Jackson Rathbone.

What is Jasper hale real name in life?

Before Jasper was changed he was known as Jasper Whitlock.

From twilight is Jasper hales real name in twilight jasper lee whitlock hale Cullen?

Jasper's real name is Jasper Lee Whitlock Cullen. He takes on the name Hale so that people will think that he and Rosalie are siblings.

What is Jasper's real name?

Jasper Hale was born as Jasper Whitlock. Jackson Rathbone portrays Jasper in the Twilight film.

What is Jasper hale real name?

Born Jasper Whitlock; changed to Jasper Hale when he joined the Cullens (he took on Rosaile's last name--Hale--to pass them off as twins.

What is Jasper from Twilight first name?

Jasper and Rosalie's last name from the book "Twilight" is Hale. They pretend to be twins and foster children to Esme Cullen.

Who is Jaspers wife in real life?

The actor who plays Jasper Hale (born as Jasper Whitlock) is called Jackson Rathbone, and he does not have a wife.

Before adopting the last name Hale as Rosalie's twin what was Jasper's real last name?

Before adopting Rosalie's last name Jasper was Jasper Whitlock

Was Jasper hale in the civil war?

Yes he was on duty when he was changed Jasper Hale, formerly known as Jasper Whitlock, was a major in the civil war. The youngest major in Texas, not acknowlaging his real age, (he faked his age so he could join.) Maria, a Mexican vampire that was in Texas, turned him into a vampire while he was gathering the women and children into the boats.

Who is Jasper hale married to in real life?

nobody; jasper hale is not a real person.

What was Jasper Hale's Last name?

her last name is Cullen but they call her last name hale. Okay first of all Jasper is not a "her". The Olympic Coven (better known as the Cullens) change their sirname when they move to a different place, so they can't be tracked down. At the point in their "lives" shown in the series, most of the coven happen to be using the name Cullen, however Jasper and Rosalie choose to use the name Hale so as not to raise suspicions at their relationships with Alice and Emmett. that's not the only reason they use Hale. Rosalie is just so superficial that she wanted to keep her human last name. Also, if u want his human last name, it is WHitlock. Jasper Whitlock Hale. OK, here is the real deal about the Hale thing. ROSALIE wanted to keep her last name not because she's superficial, even though she is a little, but because she never wanted to be a vampire. JASPER is a Hale because he looks so much like Rosalie that they pretend to be twins. DUH!

What is the real name of jacob black in the movie twilight?

Peter Facinelli was the actor who played Carlisle Cullen in Twilight.The character Carlisle Cullen was born with the name of Stregoni Benefici [this information is from three sources shown in the Related Links section]