Is lmfao a good band

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes lmfao is a good band. they may need some words bleeped out, but there still good.

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Q: Is lmfao a good band
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Do the guys from the band LMFAO have girlfriends?

there is a band called lmfao and i don't know

Is the band lmfao still a band?


Do you know who this band is?


What does the band name LMFAO stand for?

The band LMFAO stands for "loving my friends and others".

Is LMFAO a pop band?

LMFAO is a pop duo, more specifically electropop.

What does the name of the band LMFAO mean?

'LMFAO' stands for 'Loving My Friends And Others'.

What do the initials for the band LMFAO stand for?

Laugh My F***ing A$$ Off (LMFAO)

Who sings i am sexey and you no it?

The band LMFAO.

Does LMFAO have a girl in a band?

Not in the band, but they do have a couple girl dancers.

How many songs have LMFAO?

Did you mean..... "How many songs does the band LMFAO have?" If so they have 26.

How many people are in the band LMFAO?


What is party rock band name?