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Q: Is little joe's brother rocky the same rocky of rocky hernandez and the obg band?
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Who is bucky covington's brother?

His Brother is his identical twin. The name you'll hear him called by is Rocky. He is the percussionist in Bucky's band.

Does Miley have any sisters or brothers?

she has an older brother and younger brother her big bro is in a band called metro station and her little bro is in her band she has 2 sisters little big the big one is in here band and here little one just egnores her

When was Brother - band - created?

Brother - band - was created in 1992.

Do the Jonas Brothers have two little brothers?

The band, 'The Jonas Brothers' i.e. Kevin, Joe and Nick, have one little brother called Frankie.

Who is the forth band member in the Jonas brothers band that actually sings?

There is only 3 people in the group. Nick, Joe, and Kevin. But, they do have a little brother named Frankie

What is the three names of jonasbrothers?

From oldest to youngest, Kevin, Joe, Nick. They also have a little brother who is not in the band named Frankie.

Who sings the song I'm coming home two guys from the little river band?

oh brother were art thou

Is Nick Jonas the youngest brother in the band?

In the band, yes. In his family, no. He has a younger brother Frankie.

What do you call Bruno Mars' brother?

i Know that he has a brother and a sister, im not sure if he has more than one brother and sister though.I know about his brother because it says on his wikipedia page that his brother plays in his band .And i know he has a sister because he was talking about his sister in an interview with Ryan SecrestI love Bruno Mars

What band is mily's brother in?

Trace Cyrus is in the band Metro StationShe also has another brother called Braison who is in a band of his ownHoped that helped

Janis Joplin band was big brother and?

Janis Joplins band was Big Brother and the Holding Company.

How many Jonas Brothers are there 3 or 4?

In the band there are 3 Brothers. Kevin, Joe, and Nick. But they have a little brother named Frankie.