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Lingerie is not used during sex, per se. Its mostly used in foreplay, to get both the man and woman in the right mood. After they're both sufficiently turned on, the lingerie comes off, and its time for good ol' fun and games. And by that, i mean sex. ;)

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Q: Is lingerie used for sex purposes?
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Does road runner sport sell lingerie?

Yes, Road Runner sells sports bras and underwear. You won't find Victoria Secret-style lingerie, but you will find lingerie that is suitable for fitness purposes.

Does Miley Cyrus like lingerie or panties?

she loves both but she loves to have sex

What are the two main purposes of a lubricant?

The main purpose of the lubricant is to moisterize the skin and not to irretate it. Mainly used for sex purposes and to massage the skin.

What is a sexy thing a girl can do for a guy?

Have sex Perform a strip tease with sexy lingerie.

How do you use lingerie?

You do not really use lingerie in the same way you'd use an electronic for example. Lingerie is clothing used to heighten mood between sexual partners.

What amount of women are sexually aroused when seeing a male wearing female lingerie for sexual play and for roll reversal play.?

all women just wanna have it that's the reason for have sex in lingerie

What does girls want in sex?

She wants you to pay attention to what lingerie covers. Touch her. Make her feel sexy.

What does the term lingerie mean?

Lingerie is a term used to describe undergarments worn by women. Lingerie tends to be fancier and more expensive than regular undergarments and made from material such as lace, silk and satin.

What does lingerine mean?

Lingerie is a type of clothing that is used to seduce the desired sex, it is most often used in sexual intercourse and roleplay (roleplay is using costumes in sexual intercourse). It is not worn outside of the bedroom unless if it is a prostitute that is wearing it (which is illegal).

My girlfriend sent me pictures of herself in lingerie does this mean she want's sex?

Yes she wants sex! Are you kidding!? Why else would she do that? Make it wild and fun. She really wants it if she sends you that!

What can one do on the Jonquil website?

Jonquil specializes in wedding & bridal lingerie. The Jonquil website is used to shop & view lingerie. A store locator can be used from their site to find stores near you.

What is chiffon used for?

Chiffon is commonly used in blouses, ribbons, lingerie, and evening wear.