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maybe your asking about her right now. think about this. if you love her or hate her she is smart enough to be so weird people talk about all the time. i think its really smart to do something that could be so annoying people cant stop talking about you. and fyi i heard the lifetime movie people are highly consdering doing a movie about her. LOL

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No its not unless it has spikey needle implants in the clothes that make you clever no its not true.

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Q: Is lady gaga smart because of her fashion is that true?
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Why is Lady Gaga a popular person?

Lady Gaga is known to many because of her singing talent and fashion statements.

Have they made Lady Gaga fashion dolls yet?

No, they haven't made any Lady GaGa fashion dolls yet.

Lady gaga's fashion?


Is Selena gomez turning into Lady Gaga?

Selena Gomez is copying Lady Gaga's fashion style, she will never "be" Lady Gaga.

Is Lady Gaga a fashion hit or miss?

I think that she is a fashion hit because she has her own style and doesn't copy everyone else-SHE RULES!! GO LADY GAGA!! KEEP ON RULING THE WORLD OF MUSIC!!

Why is Lady Gaga best known for fashion?

because she wears the weirdest cloths in the world.

What is this years fashion?

Lady gaga!awesome!

What is special of Lady Gaga?

Lady GaGa is a special artist because she is very unique. Her music is very popular, she is a great dancer and actress in some of her videos. Also her fashion is incredible and very inspiring! We love you Lady GaGa!

Why should fashion have limits?

Because if there weren't, we would all dress like Lady Gaga.

Weirdest fashion singer in the world?

lady gaga

Who wears wierder oufits kesha or Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is much more passionate about fashion then Ke$sha.

Was Lady Gaga a great student?

I really love Lady GaGa but she was not smart and rude and got kicked out of boarding school